About Us

In the late 80’s, Kevin Riddell was selected by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) to provide insurance advice to physicians in Ontario. With several years of experience behind him, Kevin quickly realized that while insurance was important, it was only one piece in the ever increasingly complex environment his clients found themselves in. He also saw most clients working with their advisors, accounting, legal, investment, insurance, etc. in isolation from one another...not a good solution.

“This led to a lot of inefficiency and missed opportunities for the client,” he said. “There was no real clear strategy or direction for what lay ahead.”

Having identified the void, Kevin started to build out a team and engaged his current partner, Mark Winson, to provide expertise in the planning and financial management for the firm’s clients. Together they have worked extremely hard to maintain the firm’s independence through the ever-changing financial landscape. This independence has allowed Kevin and Mark, along with their team, to provide a client centric planning service with its foundation being a strong and deep relationship with each client anchored by an integrated financial plan.

In the 90's this thought process was also brought to the pension world with Wise Riddell offering pension planning services which include individualized retirement and investment plans for each member of a company's group retirement plan.  Currently, we assist over 1,000 members make the most of their group savings plan.

Whatever your objectives may be, financial independence, succession planning, sale of a business, a legacy, tax planning or family financial security, our team will help you make goal based decisions customized to your circumstance.

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