Group Retirement Solutions

When providing a Group Retirement Savings plan to your employees, ensuring that you are putting the best plan in place is paramount to ensuring the members get the best opportunities available. This would include a strong lineup of investments, low fees, personalized member communication and regular sponsor reporting. 

Our experience with existing clients has taught us that along with a strong plan design and pricing, the most important criteria associated with a successful retirement plan is individual (personalized) retirement planning. 

Our unique service model goes well beyond just the lowest fee; it includes a licensed financial advisor to the plan, at no additional cost to the plan member or the company, to meet with every member of the plan.  The objective is to create extraordinary member engagement by building a personalized plan and educating each member on the investment choices available. The impact that guidance and education has on a member’s overall success in a plan is measureable and significant.

Wise Riddell has been implementing this model for over 15 years and we have the data to show that an educated member is much further ahead and happier than one without guidance.  Furthermore, as a plan sponsor, you have gone well beyond what is required to be compliant and that is evidenced to the sponsor through annual plan reviews.


Doing More For Our Employees: Getting Pension Plan Engagement

Some 15 years ago Taylor Steel vice-president Mike Couglan recalls dreading the next plant committee meeting because he knew the pension plan would be front and centre again.

It wasn’t that the plan was lacking, it was that the employees weren’t engaged in their own retirement planning.

They either didn’t understand the nuances or they relied on their buddy for investment advice which clearly wasn’t optimal. Even efforts by the carrier to engage the members failed to elicit any enthusiasm and the default option was the overwhelming choice for most members.

Then they engaged Wise Riddell who offered a hands-on approach.

Click here to learn how Wise Riddell analyzed the issues, engineered a plan and worked one-on-one with all parties to create a Group Pension plan tailored to each member.

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