Group Solutions

Group Retirement Savings and Benefits made extraordinary.

Business owners and executives alike know that their biggest labour expense, after wages, is the cost of health benefits and savings plans offered to their employees. Whether you are the owner of your business or in charge of administering the benefits plans, wrestling with your company's Health Benefits and Retirement Savings plans can be a major headache. Unfortunately, it is not enough just to pick a plan and forget about it.

Your employee’s engagement in their plans has a value beyond the benefits provided to them. The involvement and understanding of the benefits provided add to the overall wellbeing of your employees. An employee that is not only physically healthy, but also financially healthy, is a much more productive member of your team. Through more than 15 years of providing health and wellness solutions to business in many different sectors, we can guarantee that the right solution to a more productive workforce is through your member’s engagement in their benefits plans.