Determining the right life insurance plan can be an overwhelming process given the number of options available and the risks which need to be mitigated. Wise Riddell’s professional insurance advisors can help you navigate through all of the uncertainty and work with you as a dedicated partner to ensure that you not only find the right product, but address the needs that are unique to you.

A well designed insurance portfolio is the back bone to a professional’s financial well-being and having a great understanding of how it fits together leaves you with a feeling of comfort in knowing that you and your loved ones are taken care of.

Our insurance specialists have years of experience dealing with some of the leading tax and estate planning strategies for protecting individuals, and business owners. Some of the strategies include:

• Buy/Sell Agreements

• Key Man Coverage

• Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA)

• Insured Retirement Program (IRP)

• Estate Bonds

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